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Teambuilding For HSBC


It was a beautiful saturday evening. Our Vietmark team, has arrived at Ho Tram strip ‘The Grand’, few hours ago in a truck, to lay down,...

Teambuilding For HSBC

Program outline

Laying the Activity tools in itself was a great challenge for our team (Vietmark team) and we as a team had to work together, to lay down the 600 kgs weighing, activity tool called ‘Artificial Mountain’. But our guys, each one of them, wore the spirit of a super man and got the ‘Mountain’ laid in no time for the evening activity to commence. It takes about 15 supermen to lay this ‘Activity tool’ (Ref the picture below). Kudos to our supermen at Veitmark.

Around 4 pm the participants started arriving, as I extended a warm welcome to each one of them. I am sure they were quite excited, to see all the tools laid down for them, to test the strength of not just the individuals, but the collective strength of their team.

Warm up
We started out, with a warm up, to prepare everyone for the tough, yet possible tasks that were in store, for the evening.

Team Division

Activity Specific Instructions by Coach

Sand Sailing Race
The teams were to in turn divide themselves in to smaller teams of two sailors and two engineers to move this ship on sand from Destination A to B, and B to C, and back again from C to B and B to A. At a ‘Giving strength point’ the teams take turns and let the other sailors and engineers handle the shift. Two teams competed against each other at a time.

Volley Ball

Reaching the Top as a Team – Not an easy Task!
Each member of the team should climb up the mountain to get the ‘Logo’ of the company.  The group was given just 20 minutes. The challenge was to find out, how many from a team had climbed up and brought back the ‘Logo’.

Winning Team Celebrate their Team Strength

Ended the Evening with on a Joyful note -  X’mas celebration

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2 hours - 8 hours

Indoors - Outdoors

Competives - Collaborative

Minimum: 10

Maximum: unlimited

Key Bennefit

  • Corporate team building
  • Convey messages from management.
  • Receive / collect feedback
  • Test a new idea in simulations before applying them in reality
  • Active and Healthy Entertainment
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