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Here are feedback of SINO CONPORATION company’s staffs after traveling with Vietmark company to Vung Tau (29th Aug , 2009).

Sino - Corporation

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Here are feedback of SINO CONPORATION company’s staffs after traveling with Vietmark company to Vung Tau (29th Aug , 2009)

Dear Ms Vy,
How can I talk about the trip? I think “exciting” and “amazing” are the most suitable words for it.

The exciting word is for everybody have got an exciting trip with a plenty of interesting things which were waiting for us. I can say that I’ve never seen everybody cooperated and understood each other in doing something like that, more over they are extremely happy for it . I have joined many trip myself when I was student but this one is the most impressive , I think. It gave me a “tired but happy” feeling.

Amazing word is for the number of challenges we have to conquer , they are many, and it is not easy to finish it like we saw . Although we had had an overview of the whole program but things we have gained is really something else which are amazing, and we almost couldn’t get through it sometimes ( but at last we won it , especially “To the mountain’s top game”).
For Vietmark , they have given us a wonderful impression , they are funny, hearty and professional at any step of the program. In the whole trip they were always ready for anything any service we needed . No matter traveling with us in any activities, they seem to be tireless . In the contrary they showed us an excellent expression of endless energy, strength and hearty. We have to say it is the virtue which Sino Corporation’s staffs are going to learn .

The trip is not too long , and that is a pity (I am a little too greedy…. lol ) , it is better if we had more time to have fun together and understand each other.

But , you were right, any party must come to an end , we will have another chance to do the same thing like this , right? And moreover thing we have gained after this trip is now we have more cooperation in the internal of our company , and in fact we are enjoying it in our daily works (this is what Sino and Vietmark company want to make, and we made it, I think ). It seems to be anyone have got a common point already

Thanks and best regards (especially Ms Vy and Mr Nhan)

Hope Vietmark will become the companion of many others enterprises and Sino too in another traveling.

Sincerely yours !
Do Hoang Yen
Secretary,Hirich Corp.
18/3 Tran Quy Khoach,Tan Dinh Ward, District 1
Email: yendh@sinoautoid.com.vn
Phone: (08)3 848 0585 (Ext: 32)
HP: 0907 908 696

Morning Ms Vy!
You have got the wonderful holiday, haven’t you ? Did u enjoy the happy time with family? Or working again? Lol….

In the name of my company and others “Moa” ( who don’t have chance to send e-mail), I am expressing a heartfelt thanks and the best wish for health to you ,  Mr Nhan , master Phuong  and all the Vietmark company’ staffs . In my opinion, the trip was extremely successful , out of expecting, I think , because anyone in the company have had an unbelievable cooperation ever , and they started talking with each other more and more (after working of course , lol) . Next year, I hope, we will have another opportunity to have a meet again.

PS :
You cheated , Vy, everyone got a nick name but you. So we decide to call you “Ms Vy de Cheating” , lol…..

Phúc “fo”
Thanks & Best Regards
Pham Thi Diem Phuc
Customers services
27 Dang Tat Str, Tan Dinh ward, 1 Dist, HCMC.
( 84 ) 8 3848 0585 - 3846 9083 - 3848 2619 ( Ext: 25 )
( 84 ) 8 5404 6724 - 0908 081 309
Email : phuccpd@sinoautoid.com.vn

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