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Learning from a brutal history


Con Dao, an island off the southern beach town Vung Tau, is a relic of Vietnam’s heroic history.

Learning from a brutal history

Program outline

Con Dao, an island off the southern beach town Vung Tau, is a relic of Vietnam’s heroic history. It is famous for being home to a prison where the French and Americans tortured and disappeared Vietnamese political prisoners during their occupation of the country.
By choosing Con Dao for a team-building vacation, Sa Giang Company, together with event organizer Vietmark, aimed to bring up the spirits of solidarity and determination in the face of massive challenges.

The Con Dao event was held on a nice autumn day.

Sa Giang employees left busy Ho Chi Minh City and landed at the historic island, which is still wild and mostly undeveloped, with hesitation.

But the feeling was quickly gone, replaced by the pride and admiration when they visited the Con Dao Museum, the Phu Hai Jail, the French-American Tiger Cages, and the Hang Duong Cemetery, to see how their heroic and fearless predecessors had sacrificed everything including their own lives to protect their country.
Sa Giang and Vietmark also arranged for prayer rituals at Hang Duong, the biggest cemetery on the island, where tens of thousands of heroic and revolutionary Vietnamese are buried.

The sightseeing day ended with mixed feelings in each person, and they had a chance to share those during a warm gathering that night in the fresh air over warm coffee.

The amazing race
The next day was reserved for Sa Giang staff members to show off their team spirit.

Inspired by the famous reality show “The Amazing Race”, Vietmark designed games that cleverly combined different skill sets.
The games were not just a challenge to the players, but also for the organizers. It took a lot of efforts and money to bring equipment to the island and prepare the different thrills. But perfection and creativity as their goals, Vietmark employees made the best games they could.

The company’s staff members also played their best. Physical energy, intelligence, flexibility and team spirit were combined in all the games, either in the jungle or out at sea.

In the Prison Break challenge, the players had to masterfully use tools provided by the organizer to build ladders for escape.

The working holiday ended with a dinner and fashion gala on the second night. Everyone was at ease, having fun and using the last hours to get closer to each other.

Employees staged comedic and creative performances, and laughter was shared between all staff members, old and new, senior and junior. They all felt like a family.

As a sole provider of Mitsubishi industrial electronics in Vietnam, Sa Giang understands that a high-spirit staff is its biggest asset to develop in such a competitive market.
The holiday was a reward and encouragement from the company’s directors to their employees. Its success will not stop at the experiences and valuable historical information gained at Con Dao. The memory of the trip will serve as a permanent reminder to every staff member that unity makes success.

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2 hours - 8 hours

Indoors - Outdoors

Competives - Collaborative

Minimum: 10

Maximum: unlimited

Key Bennefit

  • Corporate team building
  • Convey messages from management.
  • Receive / collect feedback
  • Test a new idea in simulations before applying them in reality
  • Active and Healthy Entertainment
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