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Adidas - Teambuilding BCR


What a beautiful morning! The 20th of December, our Vietmark team was to host the team building activities for about 111 team members of Adidas.

Adidas - Teambuilding BCR

Program outline

What a beautiful morning! The 20th of December, our Vietmark team was to host the team building activities for about 111 team members of Adidas. Young and Vibrant, the adidas team could only be described as a ‘High Energy Team’ with a ‘Bring It On Spirit’ when it came to confronting the challenges as a team.

We kicked start the warm day, with a warm up dance that would quickly pour in the spirit of sportiveness required, for the agenda of activities that the group had to participate in for the whole day.

The coach divided the group in to six teams and took them through a process of establishing teach team with a team identity and team spirit to compete with their co-teams.

The first activity for the day was to ‘Run for Green’. But the teams set off as if running for life. Yeah, that was the kind of speed that most of the participants took off with, however, with distance, some of them slowly got weary, yet never stopped running and they ceased to give up. Successfully all the 111 members made it to the stop point, most of them running fast, few running at a slow pace and very few changed the plan and chose to ‘Walk for Green’abandoning the suggestion to‘Run for Green’. Yet the mission of covering a distance of 1.5 Kms was accomplished, by running, jogging and walking.

Right after a running, after taking a very short break, the team plunged in to the team building activities that required more vigor and determination. ‘Dragon Egg Race’ The teams were to carry couple of eggs on a sheet made of plastic, with too many holes. The teams are to be diligent, gentle and be co-ordinated all the time, and are to race against each other. The challenge is to not drop the eggs down and race toward the finish line first.

Brand Building
The teams have to put up together not just their muscle strength, but also their individual determination together to put the apex of the tower, back on the circle, using their human aid.

‘Modern Tug Of War’
The ropes are to pass between the legs and that makes it more challenging for the team to pull the rope toward their side. Nevertheless, the one team emerged winning out of six different teams after a tough neck to neck competition.

Swimming in Deep Waters
A representative from each team pitched in to the pool to win for the team. Well, there were change in directions, yet the contestants reached the destination, racing each other, with their different impressive styles of swimming.


The strong current of water was not too favorable for kayaking, yet the participants went astray with their boats, changed directions, finding their way around back to the destination. Some even went by and far to Korea and Taiwan and we had to send a rescue boat to drag them back. Just kidding! It wasn’t easy to Kayak in such forceful water. For some teams it was a cake walk.

Ms Merita - VietMark Teambuilding

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2 hours - 8 hours

Indoors - Outdoors

Competives - Collaborative

Minimum: 10

Maximum: unlimited

Key Bennefit

  • Corporate team building
  • Convey messages from management.
  • Receive / collect feedback
  • Test a new idea in simulations before applying them in reality
  • Active and Healthy Entertainment
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